Spiral Pipe – Stainless Steel

The ultimate in pressure-tight circular tubes of superior quality in exact sizes from stainless steel type 304, 316, or 316L alloy, with smooth interior for low friction loss and a 4-ply spiral lockseam entirely on the outside for high strength and rigidity.


Commonly produced for critical installations including caustic fume exhaust, automobile exhaust, and welding exhaust.

Couplings conform with all specifications of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor National Association (SMACNA) recommendation for spiral pipe for both low and high pressure.

Seam metal is held to plus or minus .006 of an inch.

Sizes and Gauges:

4” – 10” are available in 1 inch increments
12” – 64” are available in 2 inch increments

ADMP’s construction of spiral pipe for high pressure or low pressure – is manufactured to SMACNA 2005 3rd edition standards, unless otherwise specified.

Hydrostatic Pressures:

Hydrostatic pressures to seam failure – all pressures in lbs. per square inch.





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