Exposed Low Pressure Fittings, Paintlock Round

These superior round fittings are made from accurate fitting patterns. The material used is paintlock steel galvanized .03 inches thick on each side. ASTM A-591.


These very strong seams are designed for low pressure air systems used above ground. Couplings are built into the ends of the fittings.

Types of Fittings:

All standard fitting sizes and shapes are available. 90, 60, 45 and 30 degree elbows are standard. Other angles are available on special order. Tees, laterals (45 degree branch), reducers, and couplings are standard. For elbows a centerline radius of one times the diameter is standard. 1-1/2 times the diameter (full radius) and 2 times the diameter (long radius) are available. We can also make other size radii and other fittings as specified.

Sizes and Gauges:

4” – 10” are available in 1 inch increments
12” – 64” are available in 2 inch increments

Construction of fittings will conform to the latest specifications of SMACNA and ASHRAE low velocity or high velocity standards unless otherwise specified.

Fittings are machine cut from a scientifically developed, well proven, original pattern, assuring manufacturing tolerance consistency.

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