Rectangular – Single Wall

coil line 2In today’s competitive market, contractors are always looking for efficient ways to reduce overhead costs, particularly in the areas of expensive shop equipment.

ADMP has the solution to this problem. We have the expertise and equipment to fabricate rectangular duct affordably and of the highest quality standards. Our machinery enables us to fabricate and assemble thousands of pounds of rectangular duct within days of the order. We guarantee delivery and service on all jobs regardless of size.

Ductwork and fittings can be lined or unlined in 4 or 5 foot sections with connections such as S & D, Pittsburgh Seam and TDF. Accessories, such as gaskets, nuts and bolts, will be supplied for all duct work at the contractor’s request.

TDF Flanged Connection

Transverse Duct Flange is a 4 bolt duct connection system that eliminates time and waste. Rather than using separate connectors to assemble your system, TDF® flanges are rollformed onto duct during the manufacturing process. This connection minimizes leakage and installation costs. All necessary hardware will be delivered with your order to ensure that you have everything you need to hang your ductwork.

Slip & Drive Connection

ADMP manufactures all slip and drive connectors you need to meet your specifications. Connectors can be shipped cut-to-length at your request to minimize field assembly time and reduce material waste costs.

Seams & Sealant

Rectangular duct is fabricated using Snaplock or Pittsburgh lock longitudinal seams. Upon request, sealant can be applied inside of the lock seam. Our sealant is a synthetic polymer-based, non-oxidizing, non-drying sealant that is applied to duct joints at the roll-forming line.

Duct Liner

ADMP stocks a large amount of duct liner. You may specify thickness, density, and material to meet your specifications. Anything from 1/2″ up to 2″ thickness is available upon your request. Our liner is applied with 100% adhesive coverage and our coil lines use weld pins for the most secure method of fastening available.

Internal and External Reinforcements

We will reinforce duct with internal tie rods or external angle iron in accordance with SMACNA standards or per your specifications.


ADMP will ship ductwork with any of the above options to your jobsite knocked down. Upon request, we will assemble your ductwork prior to shipment for an additional charge. This greatly reduces field labor time and helps minimize and control your costs in a competitive marketplace.

Plastic Wrap

When required, all duct openings and pallets of material will be protected with self-adhesive, puncture resistant plastic wrap to prevent the intrusion of contaminates.

SMACNA Standards

ADMP will fabricate all duct and fittings to meet or exceed SMACNA standards.

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