Medium Pressure Fittings for Galvanized Round

A wide variety of round fittings are produced by ADMP for medium pressure including 90, 60, 45, and 30 degree elbows, tees, laterals, reducing laterals, reducers, couplings, end caps, crosses, etc.

Fitting ends are made with two inch male sleeves. Standard fittings have built-in slip type beaded couplings.

Gores & Seams:

Lapping of seams are in the direction of air flow. The gores and seams are spot welded and internally sealed using medium pressure duct sealant.






For elbows, a wide variety of different radii are available; one and one-half diameter to centerline is standard.

Entrance Edges:

Particular attention is given to the entrance for conical tees, straight tees, and laterals. These fittings have a rounded entrance edge. They are not butt welded square entrance contractor type fittings.

Fittings are machine cut on our State-of-the-Art Vulcan Plasma table assuring manufacturing tolerance consistency.

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