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Spiral Pipe & Fittings

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Spiral Galvanized pipe has proven to be the ultimate in pressure type circular tubes. Spiral pipe has a smooth interior for low friction loss. Our spiral Pipe comes with an advanced 4- ply locking seam, resulting in both added rigidity, higher strength and greater durability during the installation process Manufactured on our State-of-the-Art spiral pipe machine, this pipe has been used in applications ranging from air conditioning to life support systems; inclusive of critical applications such as radioactive and contaminated fume control.

For accuracy and uniformity, the metal seams are held to a tollerance of +/- .006 of an inch.

Load Specifications per lin. ft.

#1 Standard

4”- 8” 400 lbs
10”-12” 800 lbs

# 2 Corrugated

14”-36” 2400 lbs


In addition every galvanized coupling meets the specifications of SMACNA for both high and low velocity work.

For additional strength underground, our spiral, 14” and larger is corrugated giving a 300% increase in load carrying capacity.

You’ll find the same high standards and quality built into each of our fittings. Virtually  every angle is available with tees, laterals, reducers or couplings built to the same rigid specifications. We can also assist and provide special fitting to fitting configurations, which eliminate the necessity of extra couplings.


Low & Medium Pressure Fittings

plasmaMade from extremely accurate patterns, these fittings are electrically cut with shouldered welded seams, then spot-welded along the entire seam. These fittings also come in virtually every angle, with standard and special fittings available on request. Standard sizes for elbows, reducers and couplings include 90°, 60°, 45°, and 30°.

Standard fittings also come with couplings built into the ends for easier installation.

High Pressure Fittings

High-Pressure fittings come with a lapping seam in the direction of air flow. These fine, continuous-welded seams are made with metal inert gas (MIG) shielded welds as detailed in the SMACNA 2005, 3rd edition manual. The ends are made with a two-inch male sleeve with stop beads.

Available Sizes: 4” to 64”
Gauges: 26 to 18

Specialty Fittings Configurations

Specialty fittings are available, on request, to fit your projects specific needs.

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